The Camino Verde ™ beans post-harvest system allows us to exalt an specific flavor profile in our beans. Camino Verde™ beans are obtained from fine flavor Nacional trees considering genotype and regional origin profiles.

These unique internationally awarded fine flavor Nacional beans are the result of a combination of care in details, cocoa process knowledge and technical fermentation process. All farmers, suppliers that want to become a Camino Verde™ supplier are sorted, registered and evaluated considering their geographical region, location, variety, genotype, profile and quality. The Camino Verde™ post-harvest system allows us to exalt an specific profile for our beans.

We are able to offer beans with three main profiles: floral, fruity and nut notes. Other profiles can be offered under clients’ request.


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Fermentations and beans profile

  • A Delicate floral profile with low astringency and low acidity. Long fermentation at low temperatures.
  • B A herbal and tropical fruitiness profile. Medium/low astringency with a moderate acidity. Fermented at high temperatures.
  • C Fermented with a combination of temperatures, first high and then low. These beans develop a nice nuttiness with a soft tropical fruitiness.
  • D A tailor made fermentation for clients that are looking for low nuttiness and a balance between floral and fruity profiles.
  • E Very advance fermentation performed with special yeast and organic bananas. A unique combination of fermentation B with a banana profile ending.
  • F Another advance fermentation that combines fermentation C with yeast and chili notes.

* All of our fermentation processes combine beans genetics, temperature curves and different yeast types.

Cocoa Beans Presentations

  • 69.00 Kg. Net Weight Yute Bag
  • 69.50 Kg. Gross Weight Yute Bag
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