Tailor made chocolates and couvertures made with the finest ecuadorian cocoa beans.

Chocolates and Couvertures

A profesional range of chocolate and couvertures in different presentations and flavor profiles that will fullfill your needs. LATIALI offers an experienced staff with a state of the art facility that will support you in your search to find the right product for your recipes.

Couverture and Chocolates Presentations

  • 15 Kg. Box with block or drops.
  • 15 Kg. Box filled with either 1 Kg. Bags, 500 g. Doypacks or 300 g. Doypacks.
  • 15 Kg. Box filled with either 60 g. or 5 g. bars (flowpack packaging also available).

• Please contact us for more information about presentations for industrial or retail products.
Private label available with minimum quantity requirements.

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