Roasting is the first obstacle to face in the industrialization process of cocoa, our equipment technology allows us to roast at different phases.

Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa nibs roasting is the first obstacle to face in the cocoa industrialization, our equipment technology allow us to roast cocoa beans at different phases and temperatures under clients request or our specialist suggestions. Our process focus on beans sterilization, flavor preservation and acidity reduction.

Controlling roaster temperatures the ‘Maillard reaction’ is performed carefully heating beans sugars and proteins. These processes generate a series of reactions that intensify more complex flavors than are in the original cocoa beans, and increases the brown appearance of the nibs making our product tasty and attractive.

Cocoa Nibs Presentations

  • 25 Kg. Kraft Paper bag with internal plastic liner
  • 15 Kg. Box filled with Doypack bags

• Please contact us for more information about presentations for industrial or retail products.
Private label available with minimum quantity requirements.

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