Today cocoa powders are becoming an essential raw material for many product.

Cocoa Powder

At LATIALI we focus on the benefits of the real cocoa powder. We offer Premium natural non-alkalized powders made from Nacional fine flavor cacao with different origins and flavors (nutty, fruity and floral).

Cocoa Powder 22-24 fat content:
This cocoa powder has a stronger flavor and aroma, it is useful for preparing high quality chocolates, chocolate syrups, milk chocolate, cakes, cookies, ice cream and general baking.

Cocoa Powder 10-12 fat content:
Recommended for hot chocolate beverages, chocolate in general, chocolate decorations, cocoa massage creams, cocoa candles, soaps, flavored cocoa products. The lower content of fat makes it a more flexible and economical product.

Cocoa Powder Presentations

  • 25 Kg. Kraft Paper bag with internal plastic liner

• Please contact us for more information about presentations for industrial or retail products.
Private label available with minimum quantity requirements.

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