Our vision is to become a recognized and trusted long-term supplier for companies trading in a top-quality market, with a commitment to high standards and reliability.

About Us

A company created by entrepreneurs with a strong focus on quality, details and service.  With years of experience in trading and supplying food products worldwide, we provide our skills and knowledge to offer solutions to our customers’ needs.

Our experience and values are based on a business model that considers all the technical and essential aspects of the nature of our products. This comprehension allows LATIALI™ to offer premium quality cocoa beans, cocoa semi-finished products, couvertures and chocolate products for customers that need a trusted and reliable quality partner for their creations.

Convinced that the only path to preserve quality and a long-term success of our values is through corporate responsibility, our company provides and shares knowledge and benefits to our workers, suppliers and partners. We believe that a good business is the one that brings welfare and pride to our lives.


In 1911 Domenico Norero Cerruti came to Ecuador from Italy to become partner in one of the most emblematic chocolate industries in the country, since then the passion for cocoa beans, cocoa semi-elaborates and chocolates trascended in his family from one generation to another. Vicente Norero Narder, fourth generation in this chocolate tradition and co-founder of LATIALI, found his passion in the cocoa world since his childhood visiting cocoa farms and observing the process behind the transformation of the beans into chocolate. In 2007 after two years of research in cacao pod genetics and flavor profiles, the first fermentation system based on strong traceability codes was established. Improved post-harvest systems that consider the treatment of cocoa beans before and after fermentation, and the correct drying and storage of the beans were put in place.

In 2011 Camino Verde obtained its first award for best floral beans at the Salon du Chocolat Cocoa of Excellence Awards in Paris, since then Camino Verde has been awarded in several national and international competitions. In 2016, as a result of several years of studies, LATIALI chocolate factory and fermentation facility was opened with the idea to offer everyone in the chocolate industry a place to find high quality beans with different flavor profiles, cocoa semi-finished products and chocolates that respect the unique characteristics of fine flavor ecuadorean beans.

In 2017 we are still writing our story with cocoa and chocolate AROMA.


Our greatest recognition is the trust and recommendations of our long-term clients and suppliers.

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