Enfoque hacia el Servicio

Nuestra política empresarial con enfoque hacia el servicio ofrece a nuestros clientes soluciones practicas para evitar demoras o costos innecesarios. LATIALI ofrece soporte técnico en el desarrollo o mejora de la formulación de productos bajo solicitud de nuestros clientes con la protección de un Acuerdo de Confidencialidad.


Pearl WongGreg D'AlesandreGino Dalla GasperinaArcelia Gallardo
At Camino Verde, every step in the process involves dedicated farmers whose passionate and deliberate approach produces consistent quality beans while maintaining their environment. Vicente’s approach creates a symphony of flavors in his cacao beans that matches the wide variety of genetics under his care.
Pearl Wong
Chocolate Maker
At Dandelion Chocolate we've been working with Vicente and his cacao since 2013. We not only love the flavor of Vicente's cacao but also the care and attention he puts into his production. He has helped us learn an enormous amount about cacao in general and we look to him as a leader in the industry. We look forward to continuing to work together for many years to come!
Greg D'Alesandre
Dandelion Chocolates
Vicente Norero and Camino Verde represent the forefront of applied science in cocoa production, particularly in cocoa fermentation. Working with Camino Verde cacao raises your expectations of what is possible regarding consistency and quality.
Gino Dalla Gasperina
CEO - Meridian Cacao
Vicente manages Camino Verde like a business … which is rare to find in Latin America. You are assured that he will work to meet your desired needs in terms of drying and fermenting cacao and he will work with you to create the chocolate that you want to create. I can call at any time and ask him questions; he is available and wants the chocolate maker to have all the information necessary to work with his beans. Also very rare, his family has been in the chocolate business for over 100 years. He understands chocolate.
Arcelia Gallardo
Owner- Mission Chocolate
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